Witch Animal is cuter ?

                I’m doing a pole on witch animal is cuter








Sugar glider                                                                                                                                       Cat

Image result for sugar glider                                                               Gato de ojos azules - Gatto occhi azzurri - Blue-eyed cat Paco Álvarez Bonilla via Compfight

Emoji story – Week 4 Task

                  emoji Story 


once  apon a ⏱️ there was a 🐔 📛 Sophie ➕ 👩🏼 was a  😀 🐔 who lived a 😀 🐔 life. AT a 🐔 farm who had lots of 🐔 friends then 🔂 on 👩🏼 senior year of 🐔 high 🏫 👩🏼 💆🏼‍♀️ in ❤️. With a 🐔 📛 Tim they were together for 2️⃣ years then got 💍 ➕ every 1️⃣ was throwing 🐔 🍽️ at there 💒. Then 1️⃣ year later The 👨🏼‍🌾 that would always feed 👥 grabbed Tim 1️⃣ day ➕ took him inside a 🏢 ➕ no 1️⃣ ever 👀 Tim 🔂. Sophie was so 😟 that 👩🏼 ❤️ ☠️ but 👩🏼 wonder what 👩🏼 would do next. 2️⃣ months later Sophie did ❌ fell 👍🏼 so 👩🏼 layed  in 👩🏼 bead ( 🧙🏼 is a nest) ➕ had a 🥚 🧙🏼 hatched 2️⃣1️⃣ day, ➕ it was a 👦🏼 🐣 so 👩🏼 📛 it Timmy after 👨🏼 🎅🏼 ➕ 👩🏼 long last ❤️ Tim.

My committing Experience

Hello, this week i did the student blogging challenge.

The challenge was to comment on 2 post so I commented

an 2 people that were not in our class.

Here are there URL


Derrick’s Blog                                   Conner’s Blog


so what do you think – did I do a good job of writing quality comments after going through the lesson with my Teacher this week?

                                          YES  OR  NO

Comment down below




My Avatar

I created my avatar using https://www.cartoonify.de

. I chose these features because i have long/short blond hair, Blue eyes.

I chose a blue shirt because my favorite color is blue


Here is what my Avatar looks like

I’m friends with a dark Angel

Related image

There It is her hand like

a guardian Angel saving you from



I see her face with

Caring emotions onit

Not like it usually is to other people


So I Grab Kierstyn’s hand and she poles me up

And says sorry as she

Walkes me to the office to get an ice pack


Because that is what best friends do


BFF’s with an Angel

Related image

Here I am crying with her.

She’s by my side conferring & cheering

& helping me up

Like good friend s do


It reminds me of

The different times that

Justice has done that for me or

I have done that for her


Like when I was at the dance crying

cause my date would not dance

With me so she fixed my

Make-up then we danced

Till we had to leave


One time I calmed justice down

      When she got a B

   In math


That is why I like to call her

My BFF because Justice

Is always there for me

A Girl’s Best Friend


Related image

I’m riding my four wheeler

In The field wishing you were beside me

running like you usually do


I remember when you tried

Attacking that turtle

When it tried to pop my four wheeler tire


But now I have no dog to protect

                  Me from all the muscrates

   And evan the evil mouse tribe

             Or the snapping turtles


           But I come to a stop at the tree

We use to play at and i grab the flowers

              And a bone and lay it on your lovely grave



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